Concerts & Tickets


We are so happy to announce that the Camerata Chamber Singers’ “Southern Harmonies with a Twist” concert is FREE with the option for you to make a donation if you wish. This is our gift to you and a pleasure for each of us. We take great joy in singing and sharing this incredible music with our audiences.

Because there is no charge for admission, you can simply attend the concert and if you desire, make a freewill donation at the door.


Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 3:00pm “Southern Harmonies with a Twist”

Step into an afternoon of soul-stirring melodies as the Camerata Chamber Singers bring to life the rich musical heritage of the Southeast United States. The ensemble will weave a tapestry of sound, featuring haunting spirituals that speak of hope and resilience. Listen as the harmonies of Appalachian folk tunes echo the heartbeats of the mountains, telling tales of simpler times. The choir will also delve into the profound depths of the Southern and Kentucky Harmony hymnals, bringing forth a repertoire that resonates with the spirit of American history. Each hymn and folk tune promise to transport the audience to a bygone era of communal singing and fellowship- you will even get the chance to join us in singing!


Trinity Presbyterian Church
630 Park Avenue in Prescott